Working towards a Basic Income for Manitoba & Canada - Part 2

2w ago



The basic (guaranteed) income model of economic security for all has been gaining attention in policy circles across the country. This model would provide a minimum income for all Manitobans and Canadians instead of the government’s current piecemeal approach to social assistance and income support programs. Our panel will review Manitoba’s experience with basic income through the ‘Mincome’ pilot project based in Manitoba in the late 1970’s, and discuss its potential for implementation in the current climate. This Policy, Pizza & a Pint event covers the specifics of what a basic income means for Manitoba and Canada, and discuss the community’s thoughts on this policy. In this video, Mr. Jurgen De Wispelaere (Institute for Health & Social Policy, McGill University) discusses five challenges facing the implementation of basic income. highlights the outcomes from the 1970's pilot project and some of the current implications. By bringing together government, practitioners, scholars and members of the community, the Manitoba Institute for Policy Research will further debates and discussion on matters of policy development, administration, and analysis both in Manitoba and across the country. Currently we are working with the Government of Manitoba, the Federal Government, the United Way of Winnipeg, and other voluntary sector agencies on developing and implementing new outreach, training, and research opportunities.