Seasons-Jordy Searcy

4mo ago



The title track from my upcoming EP, Seasons. Donate Here! Lyrics: I want to spend december with you baby and help you celebrate a world in white I can't wait until the day were married though we've got many mountains left to climb and if you will take my hand I'll be a better man than I've ever been before making angels in the snow and down-on-one-knee promises on your front porch I want to spend a summer with you, baby and catch a world of waves by surprise with windows down and dreams anticipating like unborn children waiting to arrive and if you lean in close we'll go up and down the coast and live the first week of our lives blankets of trust upon our bed like we've got much more love ahead than pain behind I want to spend an autumn with you baby cause God knows that the leaves will start to fall and the world will fill with gray and grief and barren and start to shake what little hope we had at all but if you'll let me hold you tight and make my arms a sacrifice I'll try and shield you from the sting and it might not be the warmest but it'll be the most in love we've ever been the seasons will change and we will, too but the less that remains the more we're brand new I want to spend forever with you, baby and help you celebrate a life lived well with grey hairs flowing down like silver memories a legacy that we've both lived to tell and if you'll take my hand we'll stay together as we say our last goodbyes as our children gather round and we take this brand new journey by surprise so close your eyes