Zaitoon Umar demanded CJ to give her the same justice as it was provided in Shahzeb Murder case

1y ago


Zaitoon Umar demanded CJ to give her the same justice as it was provided in Shahzeb Murder case (Justice for all). ARACHI - Five bodies were recovered from a house in Askari-III on Wednesday, police officials said. All the victims – two men, two women and a teenage girl – were from same family, they said, adding that culprits tried to show it as an incident of burglary. The house, situated near Cantt Station in the jurisdiction of the Saddr Police Station, has been sealed. The victims were identified as 68-year-old Arif Yousuf, son of Yousuf Jalia, his wife Zainab, 60, son Zubair, 38, daughter-in-law Aliya and fourteen-year-old granddaughter Rida. The tragic incident was unveiled when a man working as the family’s driver arrived to take Rida to her school. As nobody responded from inside (of the house), the driver returned after knocking the door constantly. The police officials, while quoting the driver, said that later, he approached Arif Yousuf’s daughter, who resided in the neighbourhood. Later, she and her spouse came to the house of Arif only to found all the family dead. They managed to enter into the house with the help of a (latch) key. They found dead Zainab and Aliya lying on the bed and Arif and Zubair on the floor, while Rida’s body was lying in her room. They informed the police about the tragedy. A police party arrived and ambulances ferried the bodies to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) for medico-legal formalities. According to a senior lady medico-legal officer (MLO), Dr Rohina, all the victims were killed by a sharp-edged weapon, perhaps a locally-made knife. She said Zubair, Aliya and their daughter, apparently, gave stiff resistance to the culprits, as they had several stabs. The MLO further said that they were killed in early morning hours. She also rejected reports that the victims were given poison before being killed. DIG South Commander Shaukat Ali Shah, SSP Naeem Sheikh and SP Tariq Dharejo also reached the crime site. According to the police officials, the house has been sealed off and evidences collected from there. They said until now, they were unable to ascertain the motive behind the killings. Initial investigation suggested that two or more culprits were behind this gruesome act. SSP Sheikh said that the crime scene suggested that the culprits killed the victims over offering resistance but the initial investigation suggested that the culprits did it to change the nature of the incident.