Lake Promo

5mo ago


Bold in its vision and deeply evocative, Lisa Wilson's Lake literally floods the entire performance area, to grapple with our fascination and our fear of water. Serene, calm, haunting, and menacing, this work journeys audiences through their primal response to sparkling reflection and murky depths; to intense beauty and chilling isolation; to utter wilderness and timeless myth. Lake delivers stark captivating theatricality, in what is destined to become a major Australian dance theatre work. Lisa Wilson Director/choreographer/performer Timothy Ohl- Performer Hsin-Ju Chiu--Performer Jennifer Flowers- Dramaturg Bruce McKinvin- Designer Matt Cornell- Sound Design/Composer Jason Glenwright -Lighting Designer Chris Golsby- Video Producer Nick Tomlin- Production Manager Megan Andrews- Production assisstant Promo video- Elise May Co produced by the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary arts and supported by Arts Queensland