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jennifer beals "Flashdance" Movie Trailer from the 80s

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Description "Flashdance" made it happen by turning a $7 million budget into over $200 million at the box office in 1983. Jennifer Beals was chosen for the role of Alexandra "Alex" Owens. However, Demi Moore was also a finalist for the role. "Flashdance" is often remembered for the sweatshirt with a large neck hole that Jennifer Beals wore on the poster for the film. Beals said that the look of the sweatshirt came about by accident when it shrank in the wash and she cut out a large hole at the top so that she could wear it again. "Flashdance" was inspired by the real life story of Maureen Marder, a construction worker/welder by day and dancer by night in a Toronto strip club. Like Alex Owens in the film, she aspired to enroll in a prestigious dance school. Marder signed a release document giving Paramount Pictures the right to portray her life story on screen, for which she was given a one-off payment of $2,300.