Spellcasters, The Real Illuminati, Magick Military & Mind Control w/ Josh Reeves

17m ago



Josh Reeves is a Dallas, Texas-based researcher, filmmaker, musician, and radio talk show host. founder of Through radio, videos, films, and even music, Josh Reeves presents his restless effort of research into matters concerning government/corporate corruptions, occult/esoteric philosophies, mass media propaganda (even via alternative media), social engineering, hidden technologies, ancient mysteries, religious/spiritual manipulations, and more. The Global Reality isn’t corporate media, or even mainline “alternative” media, but independent media (YOUR MEDIA) in its truest sense. Support the information you need to know, that “they” dare not want you to know. Producer of The Secret Right Series, Reality of Illusion Series and his latest ground breaking film, The Spellcasters. Now during this discussion we dive deep into the occult underbelly of Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry. What if Many of the Truthers and Conspiracy Theorists were actually controlled opposition created for disinformation and psyop control mechanisms? How deep does the rabbit hole go? Is Magick real or just slight of hand? Who are some of the Key players and Sorcerers controlling the deck of cards within the Apex of control and who are the Real Illuminati Puppet Masters? All this and more is discussed with Mr Reeves, a very well educated and astute individual, check out his work, podcasts, blogs and films at Become a Leak Project Member @ for the latest podcasts and exclusive content. Also subscribe to for a plethora of data always free & cutting edge. Also has moved to a much faster server and podcasts are available ad free via streaming or download, Also check out Deals and Discounts only available to Leak Project listeners. Be the change you want to see! Direct Link available on our website @