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helmet cam

Joseph Tame presents - The Interactive Marathon [2016 Tokyo Marathon]

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Join the challenge at http://42km.tokyo ! Want to run the Tokyo Marathon but don't have the time to train for it? No problem! On Sunday February 28th (from 9am Japan time / Saturday February 27th 3pm PST) Joseph will be embarking upon his biggest challenge yet - live-streaming the entire Tokyo Marathon through a 360 degree interactive helmet cam, meaning that you can experience the race as if you yourself are running it, from the comfort of your own armchair. Not only that - this year he's putting his life in your hands by turning the race into an interactive game, which you can power through social media. Any food, drink, batteries or data Joseph consumes will cost him points: - 100ml Drink: 500 points - Chocolate: 750 points - Jelly Pouch: 1000 points - 1000mAh Battery: 2500 points - 1GB Mobile Data: 4000 points Where does he get these points? From your support! TWITTER - Tweet a message of support: 10 Points - Reply to or Retweet one of Joseph’s Marathon-related Tweets: 20 Points FACEBOOK - Like a Marathon-themed FB Post: 10 points - Comment on a Marathon-themed FB Post: 25 points - Share a Marathon-themed FB Post: 50 points Help Joseph complete this epic challenge by visiting the project website, liking Joseph's Facebook http://facebook.com/tamegoeswild page, following on Twitter @tamegoeswild and then tuning in on the big day to see it all happen in real life!