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george v

The Death Of His Majesty King George V (1936)

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Item title reads - Death of His Majesty the King. (King George V). Various L/S's of the royal residence of Sandringham in Norfolk, a policeman guards the gates. M/S of crown motif on gate. M/S archive footage from 26 years previously of the coronation coach carrying King George V past crowds of people. There follows a look at his role as sovereign over the years. M/S as he inspects a bunker during the First World War and looks through telescope, he is wearing army uniform. M/S of shell fire in the distance. M/S as the King places a wreath on a coffin and salutes. M/S as he unveils the cenotaph, coach and horses pass in front. L/S of crowds gathered outside Buckingham Palace during the King's illness of 1929, a man inside holds up a board with information on the King's condition. M/S as the car carrying the King to Bognor during his recuperation leaves the Palace, the curtains are partially drawn and people line the route and wave. L/S as Guards salute, L/S as King George V and Queen Mary attend opening of Empire Exhibition at Wembley Stadium. L/S of Guards marching and playing on the field. M/S as he takes the salute during the Trooping of the Colour. M/S as he shakes hands with football players, M/S as he presents the Cup to the winners. M/S as he shakes hands with cricketers. L/S of the crew onboard his yacht "Britannia", M/S of him on deck smoking a cigarette. M/S as curtains are raised on Mersey tunnel, he makes a speech. L/S of the couple on a balcony, he salutes. M/S as Queen Mary makes a speech before launching the "Queen Mary" at Clydebank. L/S aerial shot of aeroplanes on a field. M/S as the King inspects Guards. Various shots of Jubilee celebrations, he salutes to assembled Guards who march past in big parade. L/S of ships on the sea. C/U of the King. M/S of people listening to their radios on Jubilee day. Good M/S of the King wearing Admiral's (?) uniform. 90,000 historic films, all SEARCHABLE on YouTube at: Join us on Facebook at: Tweet us @britishpathe FILM ID:851.39