Impossible: 5 Crazy Trick Questions! (Geography edition with answers)

6h ago



You will be surprised! These are 5 really cool trick questions in geography. Test your knowledge, I am sure you will be surprised! Let me know how you liked this little geo quiz in the comments below. I would love to hear from you! Best wishes, Daily Broccoli Here is the text of the trick questions written out: If you go due south from Detroit, Michigan, what is the first foreign country you will encounter? If you’re going through the Panama Canal from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean (Gulf of Mexico, actually), what general compass heading are you going? After what animal were the Canary Islands named? What is the westernmost state in the USA? What is the northernmost state in the USA? What is the easternmost state in the USA? In what state do we find the Statue of Liberty? The Music is from: