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fed up

Fed Up on the South Coast, A Sequel to the Movie Fed Up

18h ago



If you’ve seen the movie “Fed Up”, you know that things have gone terribly wrong with the food supply in our country, and even all over the world. Not only are we eating too much food, we’re eating and drinking the wrong food. Sugar sweetened beverages, added sugars in eighty percent of our food products, and a diet rich in refined grains and other carbohydrates is making a third of our population sick with diseases like diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Even heart disease and some cancers can be blamed on the diet we’ve been eating over the past thirty years. This twenty-minute video provides ten recommended changes that can help us change course away from the poor nutrition and sedentary path we are following to a more natural way of living that fits what our bodies need. The video was written by David S. Weed, Psy.D., edited by Tanya Feke, M.D, and produced by Partners for a Healthier Community, Inc. as an educational tool to increase understanding of the contribution of poor nutrition and lack of daily exercise to the poor health of people living and working in the Massachusetts South Coast. Thanks to FRED-TV and the participation of the following participants: Kimberly Ferreira, Derek Christianson, Marcia Picard, Mike Rocha, Amanda Raposo, Helena Marques Hughes, Julie Kelly, Angie Bras, Jessica Williams and Robert Saint Laurent. For more information, go to www.gfrpartners.com/FedUp.html.