Greece submits economic reform plan to eurozone partners 그리스, EU 등 국재채권단에 경제개혁

6d ago



And heading back to Europe. In a last-minute move, Greece has submitted a list of proposed reforms to its eurozone partners... as it faces the real threat of bankruptcy by the end of this week. The European Commission confirmed that they did receive it "on time"... and will table it for discussion on Tuesday. The new proposals focus on curbing tax evasion, tackling corruption and extending help to Greeks stuck in a "humanitarian crisis"... deepened by years of austerity. If approved, it would extend Athens′ bailout agreement for the next four months. While keeping the Greek economy from the risk of default,... the move is also being seen as a U-turn by Greece′s left-wing government... which had pledged to leave the E-U debt program. And that wraps up our look at international stories for now. I′ll see you back here tomorrow night.