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Project APEX - [Code Name] Eternal

19h ago



1st Track from Project APEX, a production duo comprised of Ape Cult members Dyslexis and Metrodome. Taken from the "Project APEX" EP available on vinyl and by download in early 2015 on Room2 Records. Enquiries: Music: Composed by Dyslexis Lead Guitar by Metrodome Vocals by Dyslexis Mixed by Dyslexis & Metrodome Video: Shot by Declan Foley Edited by Bill Sykes Produced by LyriCalligraphy Directed by Dyslexis Big thanks to Nicole May, Laura Chiba, Bysshe Harkavy, Kai Parsons, Kiva Corrigan, Thomas Hirst, ContactMCR, and APE CULT for technical support and contributions.