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WHY CashFlow Club Cambodia

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WHY CashFlow Club Cambodia The CashFlow games teach accounting, finance, and investing, and emphasize the importance of wealth-creating principles. The purpose of these games is to teach investors how to recognize opportunities for wealth in everyday life. There have been many people have applied these "game" principles in their own life to achieve financial freedom. The CashFlow Club Cambodia is a brilliant way to increase your context, overcome the fear of investing and taking the first step. The Clubs are suitable for both beginners and professional investors. You will meet like a minded group of people, have fun and share your experiences. Vision– is to lead average people to other opportunities whilst holding down a day time JOB. How you can overcome the common obstacles to achieve your goal. Also a deep look into exactly how the RICH and WEALTHY do it. VISION of a better and RICHER society for an up and coming society like Cambodia. Learn the strategy of the NEW RICH. OLD RICH believe in working hard . New RICH believe in applying the new knowledge and leverage on people , opportunities and money to achieve their WEALTH. We have shifted from Agriculture to Industries to Information Age. Now we are in the AGE of KNOWLEDGE but KNOWLEDGE without ACTION is USELESS. Website: Facebook: Google Plus: