Classic David Hawkins 2013 · Identifying the Cabal Methodologies · SERCO

3mo ago



David Hawkins and Abel Danger have oft shocked listeners over the years with the methodoligies and mechanisms of the elite. Ranging from hybristophiliac lesbians, bureaucratic 'unheard of' enablers' of terrorism from their vantage point of government or corporate position to methodoligies used to create this amazing network of silence from those entrapped, enlivened (Cameron, Clintons, Warren Buffet, etc.), extorted, or bribed to perform towards a global governance by fascists. The Octopus is clearly denuded when confronted by Abel Danger. Field McConnell will fly next week to Telford, England to join Brian Gerrish and the UKColumn crew to speak against the British influence in this pedophile controlled matrix of bureaucrats, politicians and royals acting as black hands amidst the backdrop of those corporations in the UK that enable global terrorism through Operation Gladio "government sponsored" events. Please subscribe to our new channel for the latest Abel Danger broadcasts at