bronze age

bronze age

Must Farm: the 3000 year old Bronze Age house that fell into the water intact

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Must Farm is a Complete 3000 year old settlement that fell into a river when it caught fire in 900BC. The whole site was first dug in October 2015 on the site of a brick quarry behind a McCain's factory. Its a bronze age (900 BC) roundhouse on stilts that collapsed into a river as a result of a flash fire (imagine how quickly sea piers go up in flames) and was preserved for 3000 years in mud and flood water. Privileged to go (its not open to the public), privileged to have a guided tour from Cambridge archaeologist Mark Knight, astonished to see, in situ, a 3000 year old wheel, the best preserved ever found, and recent discoveries of animal bones (horse, dog, sheep, pig), tools, weapons, fencing, lots of timbers, finely woven flax (see last picture and zoom in), food in bowls and a human skull (cause of death not yet known). It seems there was a rich culture in this part of England with bronze finds (made from copper and tin found hundreds of miles west) and lots of evidence of trade with eastern countries. The colours of the wood were so rich that the place felt really alive. It will all go back to quarry by the end of the year but the artefacts will be saved.