blood flow

blood flow

Breakthrough Medical Technology Improves Blood Flow & Cardiac Function

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This amazing German technology is available in my office or for purchase to use at home. NASA is using this technology in the next generation space suites and Olympic Teams have been using it for years to enhance physical endurance and recovery time. It increases blood flow up to 30% where nothing else, even exercise improves blood flow more than 7-10%. Better sleep, mental clarity, stress reduction, physical endurance and more. Or Contact Dr. Christina Winsey to inquire about renting or purchasing a BEMER 941-914-2433 or BEMER RESEARCH & INFORMATION VIDEO #1 (2 mins): Clot breaking up & moving blood through a capillary while on BEMER BEMER for Athletes: BEMER REVEW: Deceptive article written by a so called BEMER competitor (iMRS): This document explains iMRS tactics and falsifications:, What is BEMER used for?: BEMER is intended to enhance general blood flow and cardiac function. By doing so, now more nutrients and oxygen are brought to all of the cells and the waste from cell metabolism is better removed. Our body works best when the cells receive the optimal amounts of oxygen and nutrients, and of course, when metabolic waste is regularly removed from the cellular environment. Why is this important?: When the cells don’t have the oxygen and nutrients they need they don’t function at their best. With diminished blood flow through the blood vessels, oxygen and nutrients cannot get through. The result? Every single part of your body doesn’t function at its best, opening the way for breakdown and disease Cell Metabolism Produces Waste That Must Be Carried Away And Out: Your cells create waste as a by-product of metabolism (i.e., when you eat you have waste to eliminate; similarly, when the cells “eat” and process they produce waste that needs to be eliminated). When the blood doesn’t properly flow through the system, the fluid surrounding your cells have waste build-up, further hampering proper function and healing. Why Could There be a Problem with Blood Flow? Remember that atherosclerosis (or plaque buildup in the arteries and arteriole branches, which are the larger blood vessels) is a serious health problem and gets worse with age, particularly due to the modern processed food, high stress lifestyles. What most people don’t realize, and what medications cannot affect successfully, is that the inflammation and blockages can build up in the tiny capillaries too! How and Why Does BEMER Work?: Discovered by two Harvard doctors in 1972 who went on to be Nobel Prize winners in 1998, we say BEMER was then created in 1998. BEMER is a PEMF device (or pulsed, electromagnetic frequency device). The fundamentals of BEMER’s effect is due to the unique wave form it uses (holds 5 international patents). It is a complex sinusoidal proprietary combination of 10 and 30 hz wave form which stimulates optimal blood flow and positively affect systemic circulation. BEMER’s unique wave form reaches millions of cells in body and far more efficiently. One 8-minute session improves general blood flow and cardiac function for 12 -16 hours! When comparing BEMER to any other PEMF devices, even most complex of them have a wave of maximum 300 per second and their pulses only reach a certain number of cell frequencies. but BEMER’s unmatched wave signal delivers 1200 per second. More signal to, more cells equals more effect. In addition to this signal and wave form, BEMER has a unique EMF distribution which enables BEMER to affect multiple cellular processes simultaneously. Of these many processes and effects, the most profound of BEMER’s EMF is on the body’s hemodynamics (blood movement) or systemic circulation. BEMER has a sleep program to help the body in its natural circadian rhythm. It has a light pr...