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big ben

Standard Time Aka Permanent Summer Time Begins (1968)

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No title. Standard time - permanent summer time begins. Greenwich & Big Ben, London. L/S River Thames, pan to the Greenwich Observatory. C/U 24-hour clock at the gate of the Observatory. Extreme C/U ditto. C/U ditto. Angle shot Big Ben clock on Westminster Palace showing the time at 9.15 pm. Interior shot of the inner mechanism of Big Ben. C/U ditto. C/U another part of the clock's works whirring round, pan down to more machinery. C/U plate on side of machinery reads: "fixed here 1859". C/U base of pendulum showing coins resting on it. C/U top of pendulum as it begins to slow down. L/S the mechanism as they slow down and stop. L/S of Big Ben's face showing the time at 10.29 pm. Light goes out on clock face at 2.54 am. Various shots of men adjusting the clock forward an hour. C/U mechanism turning. Angle shot clock face of Big Ben now showing 3 am. C/U the bell being struck. C/U of the hammer. Angle shot face of Big Ben showing 3 am. Lights come on. 90,000 historic films, all SEARCHABLE on YouTube at: Join us on Facebook at: Tweet us @britishpathe FILM ID:2055.02