Overview: ASUS Nexus Player and Gamepad

4h ago



ASUS Nexus Player and Gamepad The ASUS Nexus Player brings great content to you! Personalized recommendations for movies, TV and YouTube videos appear automatically on your home screen. It comes with an elegant and powerful remote: perfect for finding your favorite shows, movies and videos. Just say the title of the program for on-demand episodes, behind-the-scenes YouTube videos, and full seasons on Google Play. Get your game on with its incredible 3D graphics, multiplayer and precise Nexus Player Gamepad that’s sold separately. The ASUS Nexus Player Gamepad can be paired with the ASUS Nexus Player (sold separately) via Bluetooth 3.0, so users can enjoy a game console-like Android gaming experience on their HDTV. With this dedicated gamepad, users can fully enjoy precise control over a wide array of fast-paced games ranging from racing, 2D side-scrollers, or beat-em-ups.