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alarm clock's Alarm Clock Horror Trading Cards (Series 1)

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There are a lot of bad ways to wake up out there. thought it would be cool to collect all of these, and combine them with the idea of collectible trading cards. The Alarm Clock Horror Trading Card are the result ! (Meaning that yeah, we probably have way too much free time.) Here's a Transcript: Alarm Clock Horror Trading Cards Series 1 Hey kids, remember the days of Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages Trading Cards? Remember those old B-movies you used to watch as a kid; the ones with cheesy monsters? Well, we combined the worst of all those with the concept of Alarm Clocks. What we ended up with are Alarm Clock Horror Trading Cards (Series 1). Collect 'em all, and make your life miserable! Card Number 1: The Screaming Mom! This is a common card with an amazing wakeability value. Surely she's angry about that latest mom joke she overheard. Card Number 2: The Alien Abduction This unwanted vacation is a high prized collectable since no one can remember the trip. Card Number 3: Your House is on Fire Perfect for those cold winter nights, this card will wake you up in the toastiest way possible. Card Number 4: The Dog Just Wet Your Bed Who really uses a bucket of water these days? The dog wetting card will keep you awake and half bathed. Card Number 5: Wake Up... You're Already Dead A supreme in the collectable card deck as those who draw it don't have to get ready for work! Card Number 6: The A-Bomb Unless this bomb was created and exited your body, there's no sleeping through this one. Card Number 7: The Zombie Apocalypse Really Happened Trully a scareability based card since those zombies can be so quiet and soothing with their shuffles and groans. Card Number 8: The Natural Disaster2 A card for those who feel the screaming mom card isn't enough. Mother Nature will not tolerate laziness! Card Number 9: You're on the Titanic and it's Sinking One effective way to ruin a good night's sleep is with people screaming plus a promised ice cold soak- not to mention the whole time travel thing. Card Number 10: You're Fired Managing to sleep in so heavily that your boss personally delivers your termination is a feat all on it's own. Now, you get to sleep more! Card Number 11: I knew I shouldn't Have Eaten Those Beans The perfect weapon against those pesky cuddlers and their selfish ways. Too many beans though, and you're going to blow. Card Number 12: Death Metal in the Wee Hours While soothing to many others, Death Metal is the battle ax to the feeble tree known only as sleep. Card Number 13: Godzilla is Destroying Your Bedroom To be able to not only anger a collosal, super-natural lizard, but also have it target only your bedroom is beyond impressive. We all bow to your talents. We hope you've enjoyed our little trip down Nightmare Avenue. The next time you get annoyed by the beeping alarm sound you hear when using, please keep this in mind: things could even be worse! Thank you for using, the world's original online alarm clock. We wish you pleasant dreams. Sleep tight, don't let those bed bugs bite.