Phish Cover - "Limb by Limb" ft. 1999 Boise AC/DC Bag

39m ago



Cover of Phish's Limb by Limb sampling the 1999 Boise AC/DC Bag. Download this track and more here: Since I was a kid, Phish has been my favorite band. The first show I saw changed my life forever and actually made me want to be a professional musician. It was the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college and I immediately changed my major to music when I got back to school. Since then, I've built my life around being a professional musician, namely a producer, singer and hip-hop dancer. However, in my life as a musician I've been incredibly surprised by how many other professional musicians don't know anything about Phish, as well as how many people in general, musicians or not, dismiss Phish as a druggie, burn-out, crappy band without ever really listening to them. So to pay homage to my favorite band, and hopefully to turn some people onto Phish's mystical powers who would otherwise never listen to them, I thought it would be fun to start sampling iconic parts of Phish's most famous jams and make beats out of those samples. Then, on top of those beats, sing Phish songs! My hope is that die hard fans get a kick out of hearing these jams in a totally different context, and that non-fans want to go and listen to Phish's original version of the song. So without further here is my first "Phishbeat." A version of Limb By Limb sampling one of my top 5 favorite Phish jams, the 1999 Boise AC/DC bag. The sample of the Boise bag is very subtle, but it's there. Can you guys find it?