[8-Bit Music #51] Metroid Themes

1h ago



Songs: Metroid Theme: 00:00 Super Metroid Theme: 02:33 Metroid Prime Theme: 04:05 Artist: Hirokazu Tanaka Requested By: FRANKLIN WARE (http://youtube.com/channel/UCQ3268qak8hkGmiZzPTSpSQ) Please note that I do this for entertainment purposes only. I do not compose the original songs, I do not compose the MIDI versions of the original songs, and I did not create the program that converts the MIDI songs into 8-Bit songs. If you enjoy this kind of stuff, make sure you like, comment, and subscribe for more. It really helps! Have a song recommendation? Leave it in a comment below, and if I can find the MIDI version, I'll play it in my next video! I'll also leave your username in the video's description box. Thanks! --Fallen Graygon