Timmy's Cosplay Closet (Volume 4)

2d ago


No one wants to see a naked plush monkey at cons, so our awesome fans have sent in these amazing costumes to help us keep Timmy looking seasonal, stylish, and sexy! Thank you so much to our fans for putting in the time & effort to make these wonderful costumes. Timmy's accumulated so many over the years, that we'll be highlighting 10 costumes every couple months! Stay tuned. Chestburster by Sara M. @ofthebad Kaylee dress by Laurie M. @nonnymouse Assassin's Creed by Loryanna M. @AStoryInCloth Wash by Laurie M. @Nonnymouse Rick Grimes by Matt P. @Carpet_Giant Mega Man by Dave D. @PrimoOptimoso Lady Rainicorn by Carrie M. @Carriness Timmy in Carbonite by Angela W. @AngelaGWillis Captain Picard by Francene B. @Eibmoz Ghostbuster Timmy by Emma M. Music by Stimulator Jones "The Do" http://www.thewigglytendrils.com/ http://stimulatorjones.bandcamp.com/ How to further stalk ThinkGeek: http://twitter.com/thinkgeek http://facebook.com/thinkgeek http://plus.google.com/+thinkgeek http://pinterest.com/thinkgeek https://vine.co/thinkgeek