[Abused Emojis by BRIS]

16h ago

A new emoji keyboard for children may cause alarm — and that’s the point. Abused Emojis, a free iPhone app, lets kids express with emoji some bad things that are happening to them at home or school. While a school counselor or trained therapist may ask a


[Some things are hard to spell out. Abused Emojis will make it easier for kids to talk to others about negative feelings or about situations where they have been treated wrong. It’s free to download from App Store: https://goo.gl/zRXmpJ BRIS is a Swedish non-profit organization that runs a national helpline for children and teenagers. Many of the problems that kids face today are stigmatized and often they have no one to talk to but us. A complex reality demands a complex set of symbols. Abused Emojis is part of our work to let children talk more freely about their situation. Read more at: www.abusedemojis.com App developed by Garbergs]