Dyson 360 Eye robot – engineering an intelligent robot vacuum capable of cleaning properly

19h ago

Let’s get one thing straight about the Dyson 360 Eye: It’s first and foremost a vacuum cleaner that happens to be a robot, not a robot that’s a vacuum cleaner. Dyson wanted to make this point clear in our initial meeting with the compan


Find out more at https://www.Dyson360eye.com The Dyson 360 Eye robot is a powerful vacuum cleaner first and foremost. In fact, it’s actually got the most powerful suction of any robot vacuum*. Other robotic vacuums often neglect cleaning performance. In order to conserve battery life, they use weak, inefficient motors, meaning they have poor suction and pick up less dirt*. Powered by the energy efficient V2 Dyson digital motor, the Dyson 360 Eye™ vacuum uses Radial Root Cyclone™ technology to effectively separate dust and dirt, capturing particles down to 0.5 microns – 600 times smaller than the dot at the end of this sentence. A full width brush bar gives the Dyson 360 Eye vacuum maximum cleaning coverage, with stiff nylon bristles for carpet and soft anti-static carbon fiber filaments for hard floors. Continuous tank tracks maintain speed and direction across all floor types. #DysonRobot https://www.facebook.com/Dyson https://www.twitter.com/Dyson https://www.youtube.com/DysonRobot *All performance claims are based on machines available in the Japanese market in July 2014. Claims are only applicable where the product is available to buy.