Samsung Bedtime VR Stories

1d ago

Samsung today announced a new virtual reality experience aimed at kids, that allows them to explore a VR world at bedtime. Of course, what you probably want to be doing at bedtime is strapping a Gear VR headset onto your child, and thus placing a bright


To find out more, please visit To experience the VR for yourself, visit Every parent knows that a bedtime story is a special moment in a child’s day. But what if parents can’t always be there to read to their children? With longer working days and hectic schedules, it’s harder than ever to be home for bedtime. Introducing Samsung Bedtime VR Stories, an app that means parents and children can share a story, even when they’re apart. So it’s no longer “once upon a time” but rather “happily ever after”. The app provides a VR story environment where parents and children can see and interact with each other for an immersive, shared experience. Though still in the prototype phase, Bedtime VR Stories represents a future facing platform for storytelling. In helping parents and children spend more time together, it is a small glimpse of Samsung’s vision for VR and technology more widely.