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[Scrub Jay Chicks: First New Day Out, Continued (raw footage, 15 clips) V18581]

1w ago


[The first morning out of the nest for the young birds finds plenty of activity around. With crows circling overhead and squirrels crawling everywhere, the parents were kept very busy trying to get the chicks safely moved into a stand of trees with heavy foliage for better cover. Several good squirrel chases with Scrub Jays attacking are included. filmed with a Canon HF100 HD camcorder, 5-11-2015. High resolution still images from this event are available as Free downloads for personal/non-profit use here: Contains JCMDI Catalog #: V18522,V18523,V18524,V18525,V18526,V18527,V18528,V18529,V18530,V18531,V18532,V18533,V18534,V18535,V18536, Note: The audio and video material contained herein is copyright 2015 JCM Digital Imaging, however, you may download this footage directly from YouTube and use it free of charge in your own non-profit/non-commercial YouTube videos, school projects, etc. The full free usage policy and YouTube copyright notice/ad info can be found here (please read before using JCMDI material):]