The Kids Should See This

The Kids Should See This

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Fossil Sharks

1d ago

The Megalodon Shark and Helicoprion: two mysterious, extinct sharks that have left fossilized clues of their existence in the form of their teeth (and some vertebrae). Get a close look at the largest shark tooth and a very unusual tooth whorl with Emily


Wherein we take an adventure into the deep oceans of history in pursuit of fossilized sharks. GET A TWO-FACED CALF SHIRT: Merchandise - Tattoos and Posters! NEW! Subreddit: Facebook: Producer, Writer, Creator, Host: Emily Graslie Producer, Editor, Camera, Archive: Tom McNamara Theme music: Michael Aranda Created By: Hank Green Production Assistant: Katie Kirby Shout-out to Bill Simpson for his help in the production of this video and lending us the fossilized shark specimens for the shoot! We want to thank Ray Troll ( for generously allowing us to incorporate his incredible illustrations in this video! The Idaho Museum of Natural History and the Idaho Virtualization Laboratory at Idaho State University is doing awesome work and they let us use the CT-scan of their Helicoprion for this episode, which we are very grateful for. Special thanks to David Shiffman (@whysharksmatter) for his help, support, advice, and fun facts about sharks! Additional thanks to Joe Hanson (itsokaytobesmart) and the folks at PBS Digital Studios for helping to put this great series together. :) Filmed on Location and Supported by: The Field Museum in Chicago, IL (