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Vandrico: Wearable Technology in the Workplace (Mining Operations)

12h ago

 If you know about Vandrico, it’s probably because of the company’s cool wearables database we featured earlier this year. That was just a byproduct of Vandrico’s research, however. What the company is really about is bringing wea


Vandrico Solutions Inc. has created an application that enables wearable technologies in the workplace. This video graphic is a simple example of how this application is being used to improve the operations of some of the biggest mining companies in the world. The Canary Notification Platform is designed to integrate into already existing enterprise systems and improve those already effective solutions. This example shows how Motion Metrics is leveraging their advanced monitoring system to differentiate from the competition. Motion Metrics is a world leader in operational analytics for mining companies. Their advanced systems are built to make the lives of people in mining easier, safer and more connected. When they learned about Vandrico's focus on wearables in the workplace and our Canary Notification System, it aligned perfectly with their goals of advancing the reach of their rich data. Video provided by