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5 Insane Ab Exercises to Melt Fat

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5 Insane Ab Exercises to Melt Fat Get That Body You've Always Wanted: Hey Guys What's Up, It's Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts and today I've got my friend Andrea Albright with me. She has her... From: Six Pa



Get That Body You've Always Wanted: Hey Guys What's Up, It's Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts and today I've got my friend Andrea Albright with me. She has her own YouTube channel called My Bikini Butt where she coaches women on how to get a great tush and all over toned bikini body! So, I have her here with me today to sow us some insane ab exercises... whether you're a guy or a girl, this ab workout is for you. So, stick around and follow along with us today because it's exercises like this one here today that will get you the body of your dreams and the sculpted abs to go along with it! These aren't just your average ab exercises, these can be done anywhere with only using your own body weight. These are yoga based moves, which is really great for your core and for making that mind and body connection that minimizes injury. 0:47 What do we mean by using your breath to get better abs? - Your breath is the key to oxygenating your muscles, every time you contract your muscles, that muscle is going to need oxygen. - It's easy for a lot of people to throw themselves around and not properly contract the muscle they're trying to work on. - So, by making that connection with your breath you're going to get that muscle to fire even deeper so that you're guaranteed to get the most out of your workout! What's most unique about this workout is that connection with your movement and your breath, this will eliminate using your momentum and other problems you get with having bad form. Workout Breakdown: 5 Exercises / 5 Reps per Side / 5 Seconds per Rep / 3 Rounds / Minimal Rest Time The Exercises: 1) Boat Pose - 3:00 Level 1 - 3:26 Level 2 - 3:38 Level 3 2) 3 Legged Dog - 4:25 Level 1 - 4:56 Level 2 - 5:07 Level 3 3) Low Plank / High Plank - 5:28 High Plank - 5:48 Low Plank 4) Side Plank - 6:35 Level 1 - 6:47 Level 2 - 7:10 Level 3 5) Spinal Crunch - 7:26 First Side - 8:07 Second Side Now that you have your form down, you ready for this one? Let's get right to it! Video Breakdown: Round 1 - 8:23 #1) Boat Pose 9:34 #2) 3 Legged Dog 11:21 #3) High Plank / Low Plank 12:45 #4) Side Plank 14:50 #5) Spinal Crunch Daaaang, that was some tough stuff! Remember we're only showing you 1 Round, you've got 2 more to do... and if you're still feeling good, add some more rounds or do another one of the workouts you find on my channel! I want to give a BIG thank you to Andrea, and forget to check out her channel - - or check out her website And if you want more workouts like the one you saw here today, diet and nutrition advice as well as tips and tricks come back and see us again and click on any of the links you see here. Don't forget to leave your comments below, I look forward to seeing what you thought about this extreme ab workout! And as always, keep those progress pics coming in! See you next time, Peace! ----------------------- Check out this quick video about this one thing you must know if you want to lose fat and gain muscle: I want to tell you one thing that will change your life forever... it's easy, simple and will ensure that you the ripped, muscular body that you've always wanted as fast as possible. I know it works because it's the one TRICK that worked for me... and it also helped to transform over 100,000 guys from around the world as well. If I can do it... and they can do it... then you can do it too! All of us already have the ripped muscular body we've always wanted. Now it's your turn: Mike Chang Be sure to share this video with your friends! -