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Jonny's Personal BOULDER SHOULDER Workout!

14h ago


Fail-proof ways to build lean muscle: Hey guys, It's Jonny here and today I'm going to run you through my entire, personal shoulder workout that I perform. I'm 5 and a half weeks out from my next contest so my diet's still a little bit heavier than it will get when I'm starting to really lean down in preparation for the show. This is one of my favorite body parts to train but it takes some time to really understand how to hit each of the 3 heads of your shoulder muscle to get those 3D boulder shoulders everybody wants. For hypertrophy - we want within the 6-12 rep range, and 3 to 6 sets, because less than 6 reps means we're training more for power, and above 12 reps is muscular endurance. For rest periods, we want at least 60 seconds, but no more than 90. We also always want to start with our multi-joint movements, which is the shoulder press, because it requires more energy - because we're recruiting more muscle groups. Then we'll move down into the single joint movements that require less energy. Workout Breakdown: Dynamic warm up: 2 very light sets of 15 Neutral Grip Dumbbell Presses: For myself, I have realized that my history of shoulder injuries makes a normal, palm-forward grip less effective. I choose the neutral grip because I get more mass, more of a pump, and better contractions this way. I also like them this way because they're HARD! First Exercise: 4 Sets of 10 reps: Dumbbell Shoulder Press with a Neutral Grip - Make sure you pinch your shoulder blades back flat against the bench, make sure the weight is directly above the shoulder, and palms facing inward. Press straight up - Squeezing the deltoids, and then control the negative back down. Second Exercise: 4 Sets of 10 Dumbbell Front Raises - 5 with our thumbs up, and 5 with the thumbs in. Sitting on the bench, with shoulders pinched back and flat against the seat, grab the dumbbells and raise them straight in front of you (elbows can be slightly bent but should remain at the same angle throughout the movement). With your palms facing each other, bring the dumbbells up to shoulder height or slightly above, and then back down as you resist the negative for 5 reps. For the next 5 reps, turn your palms facing down (thumbs in) and do the same thing. Third Exercise: Standing Lateral Raises: Standing, with a slight bend in the hips and knees, hold the dumbbells at your side. Without using momentum, or hopping the weight into place, raise them up to equal level with your shoulder and control it on the way back down. Fourth Exercise: Rear-Delt Raises with Head on the bench. For this one, you'll lean over, putting your head on a bench seat and keeping your back flat. Pick up the dumbbells, raising them up to about the level of your shoulders, pinkies facing up and palms facing backward. I keep the weight pretty low and start light to eliminate the help from the traps and isolate the rear delt. Fifth Exercise: Shrugs to hit traps. Some might hit these on back or shoulder day..... Or both - like me. Standing, with your shoulders pulled back, try to shrug your shoulders to your ears and squeeze your traps. As always, control the weight on the way back down and power it up. -- 1:45 - Warm Up Sets - Light weight Neutral Grip Dumbbell Overhead (or Shoulder) Presses 5:00 - Neutral Grip Dumbbell Presses - First Set 6:42 - Neutral Grip Dumbbell Presses - Second Set 8:05 - Neutral Grip Dumbbell Presses - Third Set 9:38 - Neutral Grip Dumbbell Presses - Fourth Set 11:45 - Seated Dumbbell Front Raise - First Set 12:55 - Seated Dumbbell Front Raise - Second Set 14:20 - Seated Dumbbell Front Raise - Third Set 15:35 - Seated Dumbbell Front Raise - Fourth Set 17:26 - Lateral Raises - First Set 19:00 - Lateral Raises - Second Set 20:07 - Lateral Raises - Third Set 21:09 - Lateral Raises - Fourth Set 23:07 - Rear Delt Raises - First Set 24:08 - Rear Delt Raises - Second Set 25:09 - Rear Delt Raises - Third Set 26:17 - Rea...