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Simple Tips To Blow Up Your Traps - with Amin Shahry

4d ago


3 tips to lose your belly fat: Hey! What's up guys, It's Mike and today I'm here with my friend Amin Shahry, he is a natural bodybuilder and today he's going to be showing us how to build some big 'ol traps! You may have seen his YouTube video called Amin's Amazingly Awesome Abs... and if you haven't you should check it out now: But you're going to want to hang out with us during this short video because we'll show you some great tips on how build up those traps and be that much closer to the body of your dreams! Video Breakdown: One of the biggest problems people do when trying to train their traps is that they use too much weight and end up using incorrect form. - Shrugs are an ego workout because you can essentially pick up a bunch of weight and use all the wrong muscles. 1:11 Here's an example of what happens when you have too much weight. - Almost no trap movement. 1:35 You'll get a lot more growth in your traps if you keep your weight lower... Amin never goes above 100 pounds when doing shrugs. - He actually keeps it around 75 pounds and even does 35 pounds. - It's all about form here guys. 2:02 Your traps aren't just between your shoulders and neck, they actually run down your back a little ways. - So the idea is that you roll your shoulders back, keep your neck up then do slow and controlled shrugs where you hold it for a couple seconds and then lower it down very slowly. - This keeps your muscle time under tension higher and builds those traps better! 3:22 Another thing that guys want is a big neck... And for this it's very similar - You do the opposite of your traps. - You'll want to roll your shoulders forward, drop your chin and continue with the slow and controlled shrugs. This is not all about genetics... with the proper form you'll get better results! 6:39 Here is another great trap exercise that you can do on the incline bench. - Lay face down on the incline bench and have a dumbbell in each hand. - Then you're going to shrug up and imagine that you're going to pinch your shoulder blades together and hold something. - It helps when you have a trainer or buddy there with you to help you pin-point when you're doing it correctly. So next time you're at your gym or it's the day you're working on traps be sure you pick up lighter weights and do it the right way. You'll see your traps blow up compared to what you were doing before. If you want to find Amin you can: - go to (in the works right now) - Twitter: AMINSHAHRY - Instagram: AMIN_SHAHRY - Facebook: AMIN SHAHRY "NATURAL BODYBUILDER" So there you have it guys, Amin Shahry and his Amazingly Awesome Abs! I'm going to bring this guy back when he is closer to competition time and I'll him this pose that I'm going to perfect! Check him out guys, and if you want more workouts, diet and nutrition advice as well as tips and tricks like what you saw here today come back and see us again or click on any of the links you see here. AND if you want to know what you need to do to get control of your body - Click below: I didn't always have the toned body and muscle control that I have today... it took discipline and consistency. You can have the same thing without killing yourself for hours in the gym everyday and without eating bland diet food. If you follow my advice you'll finally get the body you want and deserve faster than you ever thought possible! These are some of the things I did every single day to succeed, check it out for yourself and have the body of your dreams faster than you ever thought possible: Train Hard, -Mike P.S. Share with your friends using this link on Facebook.