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How To Build Your Chest For Maximum Results - With Professional Bodybuilder, Ron Williams

4d ago


Fastest way to get a muscular body: Hey, what's up guys, I'm hanging out here with my buddy Ron Williams, and we are talking about some interesting stuff that I thought you might find interesting. In case you don't know Ron, he is one of the most decorative bodybuilders of all time. Video Breakdown: 0:47 - Training Regimen - We are about to start heavy training season, working out 4-7 days a week. We do 9 sets per body part, with 3 body parts a day. So we do a total of 27 sets. As of reps, it depends, sometimes until failure. 3:00 - Every so often, I'll do 9 sets of pull-ups. I'll do a max set of maybe 30 reps, then after that, I will try to never go under 15 reps. I want to do at least 150-160 pull ups a session. That's the exercise that really builds your back. 3:54 - So let's say for back, would you ever do pull-ups altogether just for your full back workout? Or will you hit back by going from different angles or exercises? 4:05 - Every so often, I'll go on a regimen that's pull-ups, then biceps. I never do lay pull-ups because pull-ups take the place of lat pull-ups. Then I'll do the seated rows, or dumbbell bent over rows. I like the dumbbells for the full range of motion. I never do a single dumbbell, because it's harder to get the same contraction with the single dumbbell. 5:50 - What's your take on sticking with one exercise or changing it up? 6:34 - To be honest with you, completely honest - don't change it if it's working. you may hear, well we want to "trick" the muscle. Well let me tell you something...that muscle is smarter than you are. You can't trick the muscle, it will only respond to whatever you change up. Although it is not necessary to change up something that is working for you, if you find yourself getting bored, then by all means--change it up. 9:03 - Would you say you always pick exercises that give you the fullest range of motion? Or, are there times you may lack the range of motion, but have more stability so you can add on more weight? 9:20 - Some people would rather use more weight, but I believe -- well, this might shock you, but I stopped doing overhead presses and bench presses about 20 years ago. When I found out bench press would give me a maximum contraction but never a peak contraction, and possibly hurt my joints, I moved away from the bench press. 10:03 - I just thought of something... if you never have a peak contraction, meaning when the muscle shortens completely, then the muscle will build up differently. 12:55 - Let's say, in my case, what would you recommend I do to build up more of the chest? 13:12 - And not because I'm biased, but the Iron Chest Master is made specifically for that--to build the chest in a way that no other exercise can. Because you have the stress from the power position, and then you have the lateral resistance that is creating that peak contraction. 14:16 - Would you say you built it because chest was always a harder body part to build up? 14:30 - I think subconsciously that is always in the back of my mind, but I also knew that with traveling, I always wanted something that I could keep with me. -- Build pure ripped muscle: I didn't always have the body that I do now. Matter of fact, I used to be weak and nerdy. I used to get laughed at because I had these scrawny arms and this awkward mushy belly. I would spend hours in the gym, but I saw little to no results. After all the time I put in, I felt like I should have had a body like superman, but I didn't. Then I discovered the special secret to building muscles fast and getting the ripped, muscular body that I have today. Now, I don't waste any time in the gym, and every workout gets me even more shredded. See what I did to get massive gains: Peace! -Mike -- P.S. Leave your comments below if you have any questions! P.S.S And don't forget to share this video with your ...