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REAL TALK - Struggles with Eating

2w ago

REAL TALK - Struggles with Eating The Fastest Way to See the Results You Want! - Check it out: What up guys, It's Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts and today I'm back to do some real talk. So listen... From: Six Pack S



The Fastest Way to See the Results You Want! - Check it out: What up guys, It's Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts and today I'm back to do some real talk. So listen up, because getting the body of your dreams goes further than just the gym. Video Breakdown: So I wanted to make this video because I was reading the comments from my other video and saw that people were responding with their main problems being with eating. And believe me, I don't blame you! - It's the toughest part about any change you make to get healthier 0:31 I've created tons of different eating structures for myself trying to fix the problem - but it only ended up being temporary solutions. - And that's the problem, if it's temporary, then it takes more effort to keep going. But if you actually FIX the problem, then you don't have to work as hard to stay on track. 0:59 So in this video I want to talk about Over Eating - or more specifically how to stick to a diet. - This way you can achieve your fitness goals and be happy with your body. Now I started off my cleaning my fridge and trying to eat right it ended up being that I was only trying to avoid all the bad foods. And again, it works temporarily, but you can't spend the rest of your life in avoidance. - Avoidance is having fear, and you can't live your life in fear. - People over eat because they lack the willpower and constantly come up with excuses. Stop justifying your bad decisions! 2:38 What is boils down to is that all these "bad" foods (sugar, carbs, etc...) give you a good feeling. - They don't call them comfort foods for nothing! - And all that means is that someone who craves these foods needs comforting. But what do they need comforting for? So there is a bigger problem there. ***Your TRUE self wants to go ahead and take care itself and do all the positive things that it takes to get there! 4:47 These habits, most of the time, are habits that you formed when you were a kid. - If you think back to what made you eat the way you do, most people will realize that it's because of the comfort they got when they ate these bad foods... and what ever pain it was that these foods were replacing. - That's what you have to search for and find for yourself. The stories, situations and events are all different... but the FEELINGS are all the same. So it's ok to look into it, it only makes you stronger - not weaker for wanting to be real with themselves. 6:20 Don't accept the things you don't like about yourself, because it's when you accept it that your brain will stop trying to figure out a solution and then you're stuck. - You'll still have a problem, you would have just stopped searching for a solution and never grow as a person. ***If you don't look, then how are you ever going to find it? This video WILL help you, you just have to be willing to apply it! And once you solve one problem, then you'll be on the right road because you'll just want to keep solving the next biggest thing (which will get smaller and smaller as you go.) And before you know it your life will just keep lifting up and you'll feel great with all that emptiness inside gone! So please leave your comments below, I do read all of them even if I'm not always able to respond to every single one... I want to hear about your struggles and successes when it comes to food. Like I said earlier, we all have the same feelings just different situations so you never know who will relate to you and who you will help! And if you want more workouts, diet and nutrition tips as well as tricks and advice like you heard here today, come back and see us again and click on any of the links you see here. Don't forget to leave your comments below to let me know what you think, and as always, keep those progress pics coming in! See you next time, Peace! ----------------------- And check out this quick video about this one thing you must know if you want to lose fat and gain muscle: http://sixpackshortcuts...