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If I Could Only Give ONE Tip, It Would Be This...

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If I Could Only Give ONE Tip, It Would Be This... Get Lean and Ripped the RIGHT Way, Not the Hard Way: What up guys, It's Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts and before we get started today I want to announce that... From: S


Get Lean and Ripped the RIGHT Way, Not the Hard Way: What up guys, It's Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts and before we get started today I want to announce that - I got a haircut! What do you think? Well besides that BIG news, I'm glad you found this video today because we're going over a very common topic... Fat. So pay attention and maybe even be ready to write down some notes on this subject. Because it's having extensive knowledge, like what we're about to go over today, that will get you that advantage over others and finally get you the body of your dreams! Video Breakdown: If I could only recommend ONE thing that you should change in your diet to get ripped, it's this: Add avocados to your diet! - I know that it can get super confusing when it comes to dieting... we get advice from all over the place with contrasting tips. - Even I have done some videos showing you how I eat (which is anything and everryting) but there are certain things you need to do so you CAN eat that way. 1:00 Before we get into it, I want to break it all down and make your diet a really simple thing for you to do. - Eat lean protein. - Eat a lot of veggies. - And when it comes to carbs, all you have to do is cut out all of your carbs and sugars and replace it with, you guess it, the avocado! 1:17 If you replace your carbs with an avocado you'll get healthy fats, a lot of antioxidants and nutrients. - Carbs absorb into your body very fast, so unless you're running around all day those carbs will just store themselves as extra energy - or FAT! - Whenever you eat carbs, you have a very small window afterwards to burn it off before they get completely absorbed. I know you see "Low Carb" everywhere but you'd be making a huge mistake if you go low carb but don't replace it with healthy fats. - You're body needs to get energy from somewhere, so give it the slow absorbing energy source that fats have to offer. Other healthy fat sources: 3:14 Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Nuts... they're all good fats, I just prefer avocados. 4:25 "Ok Mike, so should I cut out the carbs all together, for the REST of my life?" - My simple answer is - No, you don't want to do that. - What I recommend is that every 3rd day or so add in your "Carb Day." Now when I say give yourself a "Carb Day" I don't mean that you should go out and eat a burger and fries combo meal. - What you do want to do on Carb Day is eat your normal meal but replace the fats from that meal with a carb... that's it! 5:18 So how do you know how many days you should in between your Carb Days? - This depends on how ACTIVE you are. 6:01 "But Mike, I've seen YOU eat crazy amounts of food!" Here's what's happening: - When you diet, your calories are dropping down, and when your calories are dropping down too drastically your body thinks you're starving. - And when your body thinks that it's starving your metabolism drops and it stores everything that isn't burned off as fat. 7:41 So when your body gets to this point, which it will regardless of what diet plan you're on, you need to work in a day to let you're body know "Hey, we're not starving." - People call it a "Cheat Day" - "Reset Day" - "Refeed Day" 8:40 Depending on body type and activity level, this may very, but generally speaking you should do this once a week for optimal results. - Eat a lean protein and avocado every single meal, and on your 3rd or 4th day carb up and cut your fats, then once a week be sure that you do your "Cheat" or "Refeed Day." You do this, then I PROMISE you'll start to see some results! 9:21 This how I eat avocados!! Ok y'all, I hope you enjoyed this video today and start putting this into affect today! This could be the one missing link that stands between you and meeting your goals on 2015! If you want more workouts, diet and nutrition advice like this here today as well as tips and tricks to help you with everything fitness related come back and see us again a...