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Wizard of Aus - BMX in London - From Empire of Dirt, London - to Inland Empire - SoCal - Episode 6

4y ago


Skate over to Corey Bohan drops into London for his first contest since recovering from his injury- The Red Bull Empire of Dirt finals. Competing against good friends- Chris Doyle, Ryan Nyquist, Mike "Hucker" Clark, Alistair Whitton, and Drew Bezanson - While also competing against the technical and challenging BMX slope-style course. Then it's back to his Southern Californian home, and a new set of trails- at the annual the Stephen Murray Jam. Subscribe to Red Bull on YouTube to enhance your life: See Corey's bio and learn about other athletes in the World of Red Bull here: Next Episode: Last episode: All episodes: Red Bull Ride and Seek: Twitter: @Corey_Bohan!/Corey_Bohan and Facebook: Also follow @RedBull for more awesomeness!/redbull Subscribe to the show: Check out the full empire of dirt event video!,-021243213506987