Weather Report 2.5

4y ago


“Weather Report 2.5” A couple of weekends ago I was fog chasing, searching for that sweet spot where the edge of the incoming fog meets blue skies while both expanding and evaporating rapidly. Sometimes it’s further inland, sometimes right in the middle of the bay, you can never predict where. Only a bit of observation and few clicks down the road will get you there. On Sunday afternoon, July 7th, my foggy friend landed in my own neighborhood. Less than a half mile away, at Point Potrero, she was dancing and winding around the sky like a she devil trying to tempt me to join her. From just after 3 p.m. my camera followed her moves as she eventually filled the sky around me. I am presenting this “…report…” with a 2.5:1 aspect ratio to get the feeling fog can be everywhere. Caution, creative geography employed here. The last shot is from an excursion to San Bruno near the San Francisco International Airport a few days earlier, I won't give it away but it is consistent with incoming fog. Camera: Sony HDR-CX500v Editing suite: Sony Vegas Pro 10 (d) …shot in 1920 x 1080 but cropped and rendered to 1900 x 760 for 2.5:1 aspect ratio Video and Sound Design by Phil Loarie