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Aiko is a haunting tale of struggle and loss set in a world very much like our own... but with monsters.


Teaser Synopsis: A young girl is assailed by visions of a looming cataclysm. Ancient demons, dormant for millennia, have awoken; in her dream, they claw their way over the ruins of her homeland. The nightmare intensifies, and she realizes with a sudden clarity: there is only one hope for salvation. Press release | Produced at ROYGBIV ( | Created by Evan Viera and Charley Pope Director: Evan Viera | Writer: Charley Pope Executive Producer: Tommy Wooh | Producer: Jeremy Morris Composer: Austin Wintory | Sound: Owen Granich-Young and Sam Plattner Animation: Supervisor: Jay Jackson | Principal: Charles Badiller and Eva Lusbaronian Assisting: Felice Wong, Cassandra Larson, Johan Ravit, and Yates Holley (3D) Design: Evan Viera, Paul Kim, and Tuna Bora VO: Talent: Erin Mulvey Recording Engineer: Dylan Eiland