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City in Crisis - The Black Leprechaun (Ep #5)

11h ago


I don't want to give the game away on this episode... but if the first four episodes of City in Crisis were the equivalent of Star Wars “A New Hope” and “The Empire Strikes Back”, this episode is all “Return of the Jedi” - complete with a cute, little person in costume! Created By: Kevin Pavlovic and Ellery VanDooyeweert Directed By: Sam Chou Cast: City Shark – Jordan Vanderzalm Commissioner Jordan - Jordan Vanderzalm Guppy – Maximillian Lundberg The Black Leprechaun – Greg Tiernan Written by: Ellery VanDooyeweert and Kevin Pavlovic Editing by: Kevin Pavlovic Animation Director – Brentton Barkman Animation: Bryan Huff, Chris Darnbrough Background Painter: Lettie Lo, Marko Bajic Audio: Echoplant Sound (Matt Thomas, Ryan Worsley and Matt Di Pomponio) Ta2 Sound and Music A production Special Thanks – Scott Underwood, Kevin Smith, Fatman on Batman