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Great Leg & Butt Exercises - Workout Wednesday with ModernMom

1y ago


Fitness expert Autumn shares some great moves for moms who want to get their post-baby bodies back in shape! Click below to subscribe to our channel for more great videos! Want to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans? Fitness expert Autumn Calabrese walks us through some simple and effective exercises that will work your legs and butt. She'll share three great moves - Heel Press, Fire Hydrant and Leg Lifts. ::Subscribe to the ModernMom Channel:: ::ModernMom on Facebook:: ::ModernMom on Twitter::!/ModernMom ::ModernMom on Google+:: ::ModernMom Website:: ::ModernMom Store:: ::Get the ModernMom iPhone App:: ********************************************************************** ModernMom is an online community designed for the woman behind the mom, where mothers of all kinds can share experiences and learn from other women around the world. A comprehensive guide and community, features smart and practical advice on topics such as parenting, finances, career, health, wellness, beauty, entertainment and more. With one click, women can also access a worldwide network of moms who are ready to chat, ask questions and share their most clever tips and advice. ModernMom's two CEOs are Brooke Burke and Lisa Rosenblatt. --- "leg workout","butt workout","thigh workout","thighs workout","youtube workout","workout buttocks","exercise leg","thigh exercise", glutes, legs, thighs, butt, "Workout Wednesday", "workout exercises", workout, "workout routine","home workout","workout video","in home exercise" ModernMom, fitness, exercise, "workout for women"