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Thank You Hater! - by Clever Pie and Isabel Fay

4y ago


Thank You Hater song is now available: All profits will go to Dedicated to hard working internet trolls everywhere. Love ya, keep on trollin'! X Isabel & all the Clever Pies Written & Performed by Isabel Fay Directed & Edited by Chris Lincé Produced by Isabel Fay & Tom Hopgood Music Composed & Produced by Mark Roberts Script Edited by Will MacLean Animation by Howard Read Choreography by Gavin Harrington-Odedra & Julia Cave Dancers: Nathan Clarke, Natalie Coverley, Stephanie De Whalley, Joseph Fletcher, Alim Jayda, Chris Kayson, Lucy Mills, Lauren McGloan, Zoe Nicole, Georgina Smith, Aaron Tonks Featuring: Misery Bear, Noel Clarke, Steve Furst, Richard Herring, Jocelyn Jee Esien, Helen Lederer, Josie Long, Dawn Porter, Tom Price, Isy Suttie Director of Photography Lee York Camera Craig Harman Focus Puller Ali Moore Grip Gary Parkhurst Vox Pops Camera Stuart Biddlecombe & Matthew Hall Casting Annelie Powell Wardrobe Daisy Babbington Make Up Claire Urquart & Margarida Marinho 2nd AD Darren Vale Wardrobe Assistant Sasha Richards Production Assistant Molly Hayden Violin -- Caitlin Nichol Trumpet -- Rob Savin Trombone -- Rob Paul Chapman Backing Vocals -- Faith Baxter, Andy Duxfield Piano -- Mark Roberts Guitars -- Andy Duxfield Drums -- Adam Crofts Percussion -- Marcus Jackson With Thanks to Helen Tindale at the Nice Green Café, Graham Smith, Caroline Norris, Shooting Partners, Cruet, MBH Photgraphy, 2fly Studios, Independent Talent, Cockpit Theatre, Nicola Lincé, Brett Goldstein, Roslyn Hill And special thanks to all the trolls for their tireless efforts x LYRICS: Well hello friend Mister Insightful Thank you for your comment on my little Youtube clip! Most people say you're cruel and spiteful, But you're right, how do I sleep at night? I am a massive prick. They call you hater well they're just jealous Your constructive pearls of wisdom give me thrills I can't deny How will we know if you don't tell us We could improve our Youtube channels by "fucking off and dying"? Some might say you are a... Sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic, Cowardly, illitterate, waste of human skin, Sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic, Cowardly, iliterat, waste of human skin, But I say: thank you beautiful stranger. I love the way you don't upload things You know we'd be too dazzled by your cinematic vision But you're there on every comment string Where you teach us, just like Jesus but while wanking like a gibbon. I'm really sure that if I met you You probably wouldn't rape me like you promised that you would We are like "that"; I really get you You're right about that laughing kid, he is a total "cnut". (Samba instrumental) You wished me cancer and misspelled "cancer" But I know that it's a metaphor. You hope that I will grow, Just like the tumour you hoped would kill me Inside the tits on which you said you'd also like a go. You said that girls shouldn't do funny But you'd fuck me double hard and let your mates go after you. Oh what a line you lovely honey. Are you on e-harmony? Oo! I'll join the queue! Some might say you're a... sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic, cowardly, illitterate, waste of human skin, sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic, cowardly, iliterate, waste of human skin. But if it wasn't for you my darling, I would never have written this tune. Some might say that You're So Vain, But this song is all about you!