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HuffPost 420 Hangout

5h ago

This Sunday is both Easter and 4/20. We're guessing that you are set in your ways and have your weekend priorities in order, right? Easter Sunday is a time to spend with family and friends with lots of colorful eggs. 4/20 is a time to spend with possibly


The Huffington Post started the holiday weekend with this 420 Hangout On Air. The celebratory 420 broadcast at 4:20pm was on Friday, April 18 with our first 420 Hangout On Air. We covered all the HIGHly talked about issues surrounding marijuana including legalization, decriminalization, a little 420 history, medical vs recreational, the culture in Denver (and other areas where it's legal), and more good things like munchies. A flavorful discussion was had as we examined everything that's stirring the pot err,we mean bowl.. ;0 Please leave us your questions and comments and other 420 thoughts. Enjoy this hangout at any time especially during your Sunday on 4/20 at 4:20pm ! #marijuanalegalization  #420 #hangoutonair   #cannabis   #medicalmarijuana   #recreationalmarijuana   Yes, 4/20 itself falls on Easter Sunday this year but the weekend starts on #TGIF  !