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CanopyStyle video, featuring Stella McCartney

1h ago

CanopyStyle video, featuring Stella McCartney from Canopy on Vimeo. Looking good doesn’t have to ruin the environment. That’s the message of a new video featuring fashion designer Stella McCartney, who's partnering with environmental no


Canopy is thrilled to share this video about the role that fashion can play in saving the world’s last stands of ancient forests by changing their fabric sourcing policies. It is not commonly known that rayon, viscose, and other cellulose-based fabrics are sourced from wood pulp, and that much of that wood comes from ancient and endangered forests. We teamed up with Stella McCartney, Bruce Mau Design, and video creators By-the-Booth to explain this threat to the world’s forests, and to tell the story of CanopyStyle, the campaign we created to help fashion brands and designers free their supply chain of ancient and endangered forests. The CanopyStyle initiative, launched in 2013, now has more than 65 major fashion brands, designers and retailers pledged to end the use of ancient and endangered forests in their rayon supply chains. Joining Stella McCartney are other committed brands like H&M, Eileen Fisher, Zara/Inditex, Levi’s, lululemon, G-Star Raw. For a full list of CanopyStyle partners, including rayon and viscose producers, please visit our website: