Ghostly Apparitions - Holographic Effect In Doorway

3w ago

Halloween is one of those holidays that really brings out the tinker in a lot of geeks; there’s a veritable laundry list of things to deploy, modify, and enhance all in search of becoming the spookiest house on the block and throwing the best party


A quick test of projecting the "Ghostly Apparitions" dvd onto a semi-transparent mesh fabric hung in a doorway to create a holographic effect. It's a quick & cheap alternative to the Pepper's Ghost Illusion setup. The scenes filmed in this test can be found on the "Ghostly Apparitions" dvd in the Window/Vertical/Hologram mode. You'll need to turn your projector on its side to display the image properly. Projector: (Brand/Type unavailable); Rating 2000 Lumens For a How-To: Ghostly Apparitions is available here: