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Thanks Jackie

1h ago

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Musings of an Average Joe.” This week, our Average Joe looks at hate crime and the hate crime “haters” who love them.   By Joe Bilello, Fox News   A Mississippi man, Otis Bird was recently found hanging from a tree in t


I saw a bunch of auto-generated videos on Facebook that let you thank people for their friendship. Using the videos as a creative springboard, I created one to thank “Jackie:” not for her friendship, but for her bravery. She opened up a discussion that could permanently change every university for the better, and I want her to know that she has many people standing behind her to help make this happen. This video has become all the more important in light of recent doubts surrounding the article. Regardless of how the story was reported, or whether she remembered every detail correctly, the fact stands that Jackie still did something incredibly brave. Her experience helped push the whispered discussion around sexual assault to a clamor at the forefront of our daily lives. To doubt her now is to misplace the hope for change we’ve built up in these past weeks. Today, more than ever, she needs our support. If you agree, please share this video so Jackie, and all survivors of sexual assault, can see it. They need to know we support them, that there are people willing to listen and be a shoulder to lean on. Created by Atthar Mirza Narrated by Elizabeth Ballou Music by Talha Mirza