Ello (Umbrella parody)

2h ago

The newest social network on the block, Ello, has a shiny trick up its sleeve. Next time you log in, you should see a change to how notifications are handled now. Instead of cluttering your Friends and Noise feeds with call-outs about invites,...


Christian and I cranked this out for fun this evening. We're absolutely adding this (with Holly!) to sets! Also: follow us on Ello at @pdxbroadsides. :) (Christian is @xianrex, Jess is @Dame_DNA, Holly is @BellicoseMonday.) Lyrics by request! Way back in school -- Facebook was really cool I could share with my friends -- I thought it would never end Then came a tragedy -- Mom started to follow me FarmVille and Candy Crush -- I had to leave in a rush Because CHORUS Thought that I’d be here forever Zuckerberg's no longer clever Sorry to make you hit unfriend Facebook isn’t the latest trend Now we need this more than ever We were lookin’ for something better If you need me you should know I just got an account on Ello (Ello, Ello, eh-eh-eh) You should follow me on Ello Give it a year for Ello I’ll only be on Ello But now you're failing us -- can't use my alias When everything's for sale -- my information trail New app for Messaging? -- I said something obscene Here's your Top Story, Mark -- I'm leaving you in the dark Because