Uncanny Valley Short Film (HD) (English & French Subtitles)

5mo ago

 As we dip our toes into virtual reality more and more each day, one could imagine a far-off unintended consequence — the blurring of virtual and actual reality. A short film called “Uncanny Valley” explores that notion, with a bit


Source: https://vimeo.com/147365861 In the slums of the future, virtual reality junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. An expert player discovers that the line between games and reality is starting to fade away. 3DAR’s latest short film explores the frightening potential of our next technological revolution. Behind the scenes coming soon! Stay connected, but not too much ;) Artwork and process in 3dar.com CREDITS WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY FEDERICO HELLER EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS GERMAN HELLER BRANDON MASEDA Representation: Scott Glassgold / Ground Control -- scott@groundcontrol-la.com. Here is "Uncanny Valley" short film with English and French subtitles. All right reserved. Virtual reality, to me is... The only reality. I remember the first time I tried it. I thought to myself "Wow, "I'm never gonna be bored again." 17 hours of combat a day, a hundred kills, about 8, 10 deaths. Five senses support. 360 degrees immersion. Enhanced pain. I wake up, check on my rankings, and go straight to the battlefield. My life offline is simple. I log there. Sleep there. The bathroom's there and that's it. I haven't left this house in... quite a few years. I had trouble with the law, in the past. With VR I feel like I can express myself. Express my anger. In a way that's not dangerous. I feel like I can be myself and not go to jail for it. My job is to provide psychological assistance in VR dependent neighborhoods. To be honest, they don't seem to manifest any interest in being a part of society. And, looking at their present conditions I don't think they'd have a place either. I don't feel comfortable around people. I don't really know what I should say or do. The game play is... It's just simpler. There's no people. Just targets. Move! Move! Another man down. 1-3, let's try to get our formation back. - There's another stampede coming. - Roger that. 6-5, we're moving south west, over. November, is there a reason you're standing there? - What are you looking at? - Just go without me. - Roger that. - Let's keep moving steady. We should be approaching our target any second now. What the hell are you doing?! Stop it! You're shooting into thin air! November! Are you... --- Who are you? Hey! Hey! What's wrong with you, soldier? Who the hell are you talking to? 5-5, I don't know what his problem is, but he's standing there and he's pretty useless. Just keep on the good channel, ladies. I've got another ghost inside. Life have limits... ... to slow. Nothing happens. It's too quiet. - Boring. - It's lonely. - It's depressing. - I don't like it. I want it to be as intense as possible. As real as possible. Attention, there's a ghost straight four minutes of your location. Be prepared for a frontal assault. Have your ammunition ready. Voici "Uncanny Valley" un court-métrage sous-titré en anglais et en français. Tout droit réservé. La Réalité Virtuelle... est ma seule réalité. La première fois que j'ai essayé... je me suis dit : "Plus jamais je m'ennuierai." 17 h de combat par jour, une centaine de tué, 8 à 10 décès. Support des cinq sens. Immersion à 360 degrés. Ressenti de la douleur. Je me lève, vérifie mes stats, et je vais sur le champ de bataille. Ma vie hors connexion est simple. Je me connecte là. Je dors là. La salle de bain est là et c'est tout. J'ai pas quitté cette maison depuis... quelques années facile. J'ai eu affaire à la Justice, dans le passé. Grâce à la RV, je peux m'exprimer. Exprimer ma colère sans mettre en danger qui que ce soit. Je peux enfin être moi-même sans risquer la prison. Mon travail consiste à apporter une aide psychologique dans les quartiers d'accros à la RV. Honnêtement, ils n'ont aucune envie de faire partie de la société. Et, en voyant leur état actuel, ils n'y ont pas leur place. Je n'aime pas être au contact des gens. Je sais pas vraiment quoi dire ou quoi faire. Le jeu est... C'est plus simple. Les gens... n'y sont que des cibles. Allez ! Allez ! On a perdu un autre homme. 1-3, remet...