UniPi - The Universal Raspberry Pi add-on board

23h ago

 In the near future we will all live in smart homes. Our doors will open automatically, our air conditioners will know when we are too hot, and our toilets will understand our deepest needs. And the device to tie everything together? The Unipi. Crea


www.unipi.technology Introducing the UniPi - The universal Raspberry Pi control module Features: 8x 250V/5A AC or 24V/5A DC relays - MCP23017 14x 5-30V digital inputs - RPi GPIO 1Wire channel controller - DS2482-100 2x 0-10V Analog Inputs - MCP3422 1x 0-10V Analog Output - PWM on GPIO 18 Real time clock module - MCP79410 check out more www.unipi.technology