Tai Chi by Universal Everything

7h ago

 FRAMED seeks to stretch the boundaries of digital art and take it beyond the confines of computer screen. The full-HD IPS display itself is gorgeous, with a walnut frame, but it’s more than just an attractive monitor. It also allows viewers t


Tai Chi by Universal Everything for FRAMED* http://frm.fm/en/gallery/2012/10/01/1691/ Using body motion captured from a Tai Chi master, a series of impossible physical sculptures embodying the human spirit. The abstract anthropomorphic forms only emerge through movement. 太極拳師範をモーションキャプチャーし、その動きによって人間らしさが与えられた非現実的な造形のシリーズです。一連の動きによって、抽象的に擬人化されたフォルムが見えてきます。