ØDD.Lights - Interactive Lighting Installation

23h ago

Fashion label ØDD recognizes the close-knit connectivity between art and style. This awareness infuses founder and designer Judson Harmon's signature line, as well as the other labels he houses within his Lower East Side...


ØDD.Lights - Interactive Lighting Installation Viewable evenings after 8pm at ØDD. New York, 164 Ludlow Street Video by: Coleman Guyon Video editor: Bill Kemmler Headed by Judson Harmon, ØDD. is a multi-label retailer and fashion line located at 164 Ludlow Street, New York City. Created in collaboration with digital design agency Antarctic and artist Jonathan Chomko, ØDD.Lights engages with the many people strolling down Ludlow Street every evening. A striking arrangement of lights is embedded throughout the storefront, activated by the motion of passers-by. ØDD.Lights Technology Details: Leading the design of ØDD.Lights was the desire to create something embedded in the store, to embed the piece into the environment. This is reflected in the technology used as well. Low-profile LED strip lines the back of the garment racks, snaking down to an Arduino driven relay shield at the base. We tap into the existing CCTV system, which gives us a live view of the activity outdoors. Custom software processes the CCTV video, analysing both the location and intensity of the movement on the street, and uses this data to control the action of the lights via serial link to the Arduinos. Bios of the participants: ØDD.: ØDD. is a multi-brand fashion retailer and styling house with its own private label collection. Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the store empowers bold men and women, as well as those who toe the line of gender ambiguity. Each season, ØDD. initiates new collaborations with designers and visual artists. odd-style.com Antarctic: Antarctic is a technology and strategy studio exploring the relationship between design, behavior, and information. Antarctic’s interdisciplinary team specializes in building innovative brand platforms. antarcti.cc Jonathan Chomko: Jonathan Chomko is an interaction designer. Born in Canada and educated in Sweden, his primary focus is the design of interactive experiences the cross physical and digital. In 2013, he was awarded a year-long residency at Fabrica, in Treviso, Italy. His work has been shown at the Sydney Opera House, Nuit Blanche Montreal, the Museum of 21st Century Arts in Rome, and Mobile Museum in Hong Kong. jonathanchomko.com Coleman Guyon: Coleman Guyon is a cinematographer and musician. Born in Kentucky, he is self-taught, and has lived and worked in most of America. He recently returned to the United States after a research fellowship at Fabrica, in Treviso, Italy. His work ranges from documentary to music video to composing for film. He is the director of Institute 193, a non-profit gallery and cultural event space in Lexington, Kentucky. colemanguyon.com