Paul McCartney "Early Days"

9h ago

Vincent Haycock directs this beauty of a music video for Paul McCartney’s song “Early Days”. A couple kids in Mississippi in the 50s form a band as McCartney sings about the early days, starting a band with John Lennon. One of my &#8230


Paul McCartney and John Lennon's story at its core is a universal one, two young kids who form a bond through their passion for music. This video is about them, and every band, and every kid who has suffered the ups and downs of starting a band, whether or not they became successful. The universality of their story was a big inspiration for setting the film in Mississippi during the 50s. American Rock and Roll and the Mississippi Delta Blues is a time period that heavily inspired The Beatles. Early Days is about the spirit and inspiration young musicians find in each other. LOS ANGELES CAST Paul McCartney Johnny Depp Lil’ Poochie Del Atkins Roy Gaines Henry Hank Harris Al Williams Motown Maurice Misha Lindes MISSISSIPPI CAST Malik Peters Darious Marshall Dee Firley Ken Shell Hope Knight Faith Knight Anthony Jones Valencia Anderson Perraniqua Champ Dalvion Jackson Dezanique Credit Elbert Washington Ike Warner Jasmin Gregory Tema Larry Patrick Chapman Patina Sewell Cordrion Tucker Dominique Ishman Kasim Garner Curren Greene RJ Givens Jadarious Anderson Jaquann King Damien Henderson Lee Jackson Yolanda Smith Melody Radford Grace Knight Brentavian Green Stephen Bush PRODUCTION Commissioned by MPL Communications Commissioner :: Paul McKee Directed by Vincent Haycock Produced by Anna Rau & Corbett Jones Director of Photography :: Evan Prosofsky Production Designer :: Jay Hougaard Stylist :: Natasha Newman-Thomas Casting Director :: Carmela Makela Additional LA Casting :: Lisa Roth @ HMH Casting New Orleans Casting :: Laurel Coyle @ The Cast Station Production Manager :: Josiah Bultema Production Coordinator :: Geoff Walker Assistant to Director :: Carmela Makela Assistant to Producers :: Sam Speiser LOS ANGELES CREW 1st AD :: Aaron Paulson 2nd AD :: Chris Gonzalez Steadicam :: Ari Robbins 1st AC :: David Edsall 2nd AC :: Gary Bevans Loader :: Dustin Miller Gaffer :: Robert Lowe Best Boy :: Craig Molsberry Electric Driver :: Juan Barroso and a special thanks to Bobby Wotherspoon Key Grip :: Bodie Hyman Best Boy :: Douglas Blagg Prop Master :: John Bakken Leadman :: Chris Miller Set Decorator :: Mandy Cheng Painter :: Jedediah C Voltz Wardrobe Assistant :: Tatiana Valentin Hair & Make Up :: Lauren Cohen Hair & Make Up :: Joel Harlow VTR :: Dave Schmalz Sound Mixer :: Durand Trench Assistant Sound Mixer :: Kent Vederico Audio Playback :: Justine Marine Location Manager :: Jonathan Lynch Craft Services :: Adam Berman Production Assistant :: Ben Westley Production Assistant :: Garret Ives Production Assistant :: Raphael Xexeo Production Assistant :: Bart Taylor Production Assistant :: Damien Lang Production Assistant :: Marcus Huerta MISSISSIPPI CREW 1st AD : Johnny Radcliff Steadicam :: Ari Robbins 1st AC :: Mike Valentine 2nd AC  :: Alicia Fischmeister Gaffer :: Mike McLaughlin Key Grip :: Gilly Charbonnett Art Director :: Everette Eglin Prop Master :: Will Eastin Set Dresser :: Keith Wall Car Wrangler :: Blane Bernard Hair & Make Up :: Tenia Hill Local Production Support :: Sally Durkin ...