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Chaos Machine

11h ago


Buy: Embark on a thrilling journey into the world of chaos! Chaos Theory is a science simultaneously intriguing, amazing, mind-blowing, and, as some might say, fantastically scary. At first it seems too complex; too strange; too unbelievable - But the moment you open up this building kit, suddenly everything seems to fall into place and swing into action! Start by learning all about what chaos is, how it works, and what the whole "theory" is all about. Discover the difference between controlled and chaotic situations. Learn all about the Butterfly Effect, where when a butterfly flaps its wings in Peru, the next day there's rain in Central Park. Even learn about chaos in mathematical terms with complex equations translated into terms even young kids can understand. Then, it's time to start building some chaos of your own! Detailed and enlightening instructions take you on a wild trip from the completely predictable to the utterly chaotic. Learn how the pendulums work as you build the single, double, and triple pendulums - Plastic bars attached with nuts, bolts, and spacers swing fast with smooth bearings while hanging from a magnetic base. Already you're starting to get the swing of things! Construct "The Ketch," your very first chaos machine, and watch as it goes on and on, moving totally unpredictably. Build the "Rott Pendulum" to see what a fixed angle does to the movement, get even more chaotic with the "Drongo," and even more chaotic yet with the "Dancing Danny." Then, just when you thought you've seen it all, your own creativity suddenly takes off exploring and experimenting to build even MORE chaotic machines! Just like the ever-changing weather, the chaotic pendulum fun never stops! Chaos is always around us, all hours, minutes, and seconds of every day. Get hands-on, swing into action, and discover the theory of the world around you with the Chaos Machine kit. Chaos Machine Brilliant kit for learning about and building chaos Encourages fine motor skills, following instructions, scientific learning, creativity Physics comes to life with swinging pendulums and hypnotic movement Learn about the real concepts and math behind the Chaos Theory Learn how pendulums work, discover how to predict them Learn all about the Butterfly Effect Build 7 chaos machines and then start inventing your own Magnetic mount easily sticks to any magnetic surface, like a refrigerator door Features cut-out wall protector for protecting appliances from magnetic mount Instructions are highly detailed, fun, and informative Includes 2 90-millimeter nylon axles, 3 70-millimeter nylon axles, 4 50-millimeter nylon axles, 3 37-millimeter nylon axles, magnetic mount, 2 short pendulums, 2 medium pendulums, long pendulum, 2 triple-bearing pendulums, 4 large spacers, 4 small spacers, 12 nylon nuts Detailed instructions included High quality materials for exceptional chaos experience