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Huntin' for Gator: NO KITCHEN REQUIRED Season Finale Sneak Peek

4y ago


Watch an exclusive sneak peek clip from the season finale of BBC America's original adventure-cooking-competition series NO KITCHEN REQUIRED before the world premiere *** Tuesday June 5 at 10/9c *** only on BBC America. Here, executive Chef and Restaurateur Michael Psilakis heads down to the swamps of the Florida Everglades on the hunt for a gator! "This is the first time I've gone hunting where I'm actually hunting something that can maim you, that can take an arm or a leg!" But wait, what's that in the water?? Cries Michael, "There he is, he's way by the water, I see him, c'mon, c'mon!" Can Michael bring down a swamp gator? And will it be enough to impress his Seminole hosts? From the creators of Chopped, NO KITCHEN REQUIRED follows three chefs as they are dropped into the most exotic and remote places on earth where they will work with the locals to hunt, fish and forage for ingredients to create a locally-inspired meal that will be judged by the community. The three fearless chefs are: * Award-winning New York restaurateur Michael Psilakis; * First-ever Chopped Grand Champion Madison Cowan, who has roots in London, Detroit and Jamaica and * New Zealand chef Kayne Raymond. The trio leave the comforts of their kitchens and are dropped into ten locations around the world including Belize, Dominica, New Zealand, Fiji, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Phuket, Thailand, Hawaii, New Mexico, Louisiana and Florida. The series is hosted by British presenter Dr. Shini Somara (BBC's One Show, BBC World News' The Health Show) - who joins the chefs on the adventure. Want more NO KITCHEN REQUIRED? Go to: Plus: keep up with all of the best shows on BBC America by following us on Facebook and Twitter!