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Anna Quindlen: "Miller's Valley" | Talks at Google

1h ago


Best known for her award-winning New York Times and Newsweek columns, Quindlen offers up a highly anticipated new novel. In a small American town on the verge of dramatic change lives a family whose story you will not forget and a young girl who struggles to escape her parents, siblings, and friends even while she knows how deeply she is shaped and loved by them. Mimi Miller, even at a young age, knows that home is “a place where it’s just as easy to feel lost as it is to feel content.” In Miller's Valley, Quindlen has written an emotionally powerful novel driven by a young girl who experiences first-hand the tension between nostalgia and progress as she tries to build a future for herself. Anna Quindlen is a household name beloved for her New York Times bestselling books, which include eight novels and eight works of nonfiction. She was the third woman to have a regular column on the New York Times Op-Ed page (“Public & Private” won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 1992) and for ten years she wrote the “Last Word” column in Newsweek. During this intimate conversation, Quindlen will discuss her career from the New York Post to The New York Times to Newsweek; how she uses family as a touchstone for exploring big social issues; and what she learned from writing her new novel, MILLER’S VALLEY, the story of Mimi Miller, a young woman coming of age who unearths surprising secrets about her family—and herself.