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Drone Aviary

20h ago

The Drone Aviary reveals fleeting glimpses of the city from the perspective of drones. It explores a world where the ‘network’ begins to gain physical autonomy. Drones become protagonists, moving through the city, making decisions about the world and i



The Drone Aviary, by Superflux, is an investigation of the social, political and cultural potential of drone technology as it enters civil space. In this film, drones become protagonists, revealing fleeting glimpses of the city from their perspective, as they continuously collect data and perform tasks. The film hints at a world where the ‘network’ begins to gain physical autonomy, moving through and making decisions about the world, influencing our lives in often opaque yet profound ways. A speculative map highlights where physical and digital infrastructures merge as our cities become natural habitat for 'smart' technologies from drones and wearable computers through to driverless cars. To find out more about the project visit: