Macaque Vs Bailey Monkey Fight!

3y ago



My friends Macaque monkey and his dog Bailey having a little punch up over some peanuts. The real story behind Siti the Macaque. In 2012-02 she was saved from a horrible short leash and was given some sort of freedom. When taking this Macaque my friends extended her chain so she could climb up trees, run around as much as she likes. She was a trained monkey whose original owners were unable to look after her properly. She now has a beautiful home, has wild monkey friends and loves to play happily with Bailey. Before you go hatin on this video, Siti is in great health, shape and although she is chained up, she would be much worse off in the wild. However, Siti is allowed to roam very freely into the backyard jungle where there are other Macaque monkeys and seems to be getting along with them nicely. Please comment, subscribe and give feedback. Thanks to, for the punch sounds and Music by, Video Filmed and Owned by this Channel itsmylawofattraction